Erectile dysfunction Symptoms

The erectile dysfunction is an inability to keep an erection firm enough for having sexual intercourse. This results in impotency. This is prominently seen in males at mid age or even when they get older. The disorder results because of stress and can be considered as a sign of health problems which must be treated. The erectile dysfunction can result in other health problems that need treatment. For which when you feel any kind of erectile dysfunction symptoms, you need to consult the doctor to avoid further issues.

Generally erectile dysfunction affects sexual intercourse and can risk the hormonal system as well.

Causes of erectile dysfunction:-

There are a good number of causes for erectile dysfunction. But some major ones can be certain disorders affecting vascular system, nervous system and even that of endocrine system. Other than these there can be hyper tension and hyper lipidemia, surgery or cancer, injuries at the location, aged people, anxiety, diabetes, drugs and alcohol consumption.

ED due to medication:-

There are certain medications whose side effects results in ED. These are generally the blood pressure medicines, antiandrogens or the medication consumed for prostate cancer therapy, anti depressant, sedatives, appetite suppressants and even those ulcer medicines.

Symptoms of erectile dysfunction:-

When someone suffers from ED, the disorder can be identified by identifying symptoms like;-

  • Trouble in getting an erection.
  • Difficulty in maintaining erection during sexual activities.
  • Reduced interest in intercourse.
  • Premature ejaculation.
  • Delayed ejaculation.
  • Anorgasmia that is an inability to achieve orgasm after ample stimulation.

Psychological causes of erectile dysfunction:-

As brain is considered as the master organ of the body, it is going to guide the body in every manner. This triggers with not just the physical events but also helps to manage the hormonal secretion in the body. There are a good number of things which can interfere with even the sexual feelings and cause to worsen the erectile dysfunction. These are stress, depression, anxiety or a variety of mental health conditions, relation problems due to stress, poor communications or other issues.


To prevent erectile dysfunctionit is important to maintain healthy lifestyle and manage with best of existing health condition.

  • Working with doctor to manage diabetes, cardiac disorder and other chronic health conditions.
  • Visit the doctor regularly checkups and take on with medical screening tests.
  • Avoid smoking and limit to consumption of alcohol.
  • Do daily exercise.
  • Take perfect steps to reduce stress.
  • Take help for anxiety, depression and other kind of mental health concerns.

Surgical implantation:-

The vascular reconstruction surgery is considered as a better way to improve the blood flow to the penis helping the man with erectile dysfunction. Mostly for those suffer surgery is recommended which is performed to bypass the blocked arteries causing erection problems. But the demerit is this doesn’t work every time and probably 1 out of 20 works with the solution.

Visiting a doctor:-

Those suffering from ED need to visit a doctor when experiences sexual problems like premature or delayed ejaculation. Those having diabetes, cardiac disease or any other health issues can also link up to ED.

Cause of ED is not limited rather there are multiple causes of the disorder. This relates to brain, hormones, nerve functioning as well as blood circulation. Sometimes this is a combination of physical and psychological issues that lead to the problem. To prevent this issue, one needs to visit doctor regularly and undergo medication to help them self move out from the complication. Meditation is also a good way to overcome such situation.So one must take care with identifying the ED symptoms and treating themselves with the disorder.

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